Drilling Fluids Service

rozczyny-1 We have own research lab for drilling fluids completed with all necessary lab instrumentation. The lab is performing creation, market introduction and field servicing of drilling mud and special fluids.

rozczyny-2 Our company has invented and proposed to the market the following exclusive drilling and completion fluids:

  1. Low solids polymer-based fluid (BRNSTF) designed for upper layers that introduce chalk, highly reactive shales and sandstones under normal hydrostatic conditions.
  2. Polymer-inhibited drilling fluids of 2-nd and 3-rd generations for drilling in unconsolidated terrigenic formations and for directional and horizontal drilling as well as sidetracking and for target pay-zones drill-in.
  3. Bio-polymer clay free drilling fluid (BIOKAR) for drilling-in the target pay-zones in vertical, directional and horizontal wells.
  4. Brine and polymer-brine based fluids (RZS and Polybrine) for well completion and work-over, i.e. perforation, killing and fluid stimulation.

The filtration of drilling fluid is limited due to the conjunctive effect of bridging components of the certain grain sizes in drilling fluid which create in the contact area of formation/hole the particular bridging arc-shape clusters between the formation grains and biopolymer chemicals.

The unsaturated bridging barrier is formed in the contact zone practically in a few moments after its drilled-in and the thickness of such barrier is not exceeded a few millimeters. The volume of fluids to be introduced into the formation is seem to be minimal.

rozczyny-3rozczyny-4 Unless you have homogeneous geological structure of your future well it seems practically impossible to match all such variety of non-uniform formations with equal carbonate bridging agent. In our BIOKAR drilling system the special composition of organic and carbonate bridging components benefits notwithstanding the formation’s porosity factors. This is its advantage over all other types of fluids.


Permeability recovering chart after using the in-house developed biopolymer fluids.

Institute of oil and gas (Krakow, Poland)
Institute of oil and gas (Krakow, Poland)