kern-1 JSC “NIIKB of drilling tools” recovered over 40 000 м of core averaging – 90.5% of core recovery.

Customers are provided with the whole range of services for core recovery under complex geological conditions:

  • in vertical wells;
  • in directional wells;
  • in horizontal wells;
  • small diameter;
  • under formation conditions.

Firstly the experts of our company introduce the technology of oriented coring with multiple barrels (up to 100m) from directional and horizontal wells with rotary or steerable BHA.

The domestic coring technology and tools to recover core isolated of drilling mud filtrate were introduced.


The technology of coring of 52 and 67 mm core from small size holes (5-1/2”-6-5/8”) is implemented with PDC core heads.

Samples of core reliably isolated for the further storage in aluminum or PVC pipes.