Sidetracking from Abandoned/Suspended Wells

vidnovl-1 Our engineers have being successfully exploiting the sidetracking technology in abandoned wells by means of casing’s window milling in production casing sizes from 5” to 6-5/8” and sidetracking from there with either directional or horizontal hole and its further casing and cementing. It is included the following steps:

  • vidnovl-2Isolating the production casing from below the place of proposed sidetrack;
  • Casing window or section milling;
  • Oriented side tracking;
  • Drilling of directional or horizontal section with required horizontal displacement from the old hole;
  • Running liners of 2-7/8” – to 4-1/2” and its cementing;
  • Flow intake.

Sidetracking in abandoned/suspended wells with horizontal or subhorizontal sections

vidnovl-3 Firstly in CIS on the depth of over 4000 м in 5-1/2” casing the window was milled and sidetrack section was drilled to depth 4770 м. 4” liner was successfully ran and cemented.

The following wells were successfully sidetracked with horizontal or directional sections from 5-1/2”, 5-3/4”, 6-5/8” 9-5/8” casings:

  • ##96, 97 Yablunivska (2013)
  • #468 Кrasnozayarska (2013)
  • #13 Fontanivska (2012)
  • #185 Nothern-Dolyna (2001)
  • ##155,23,201,60,66 Каchanivska (2000-2005)

For Karpatygaz LLC were sidetracked with horizontal sections the wells #96 and #97 Yablunivska in 2013:

Sidetracking from abandoned/suspended wells

First in CIS on the Fontanivske field the window was milled and the sidetrack was performed from the 5-1/2” casing under HPHT conditions with mud weight 1.85 gr/sm3.

Well plan and profile №13-Fontanivska
Well plan and profile №13-Fontanivska

Experience in sidetracking in Ukraine

Sidetrack results
Sidetrack results